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Friends of NWS - A Young Patron Membership Group

To set up a four month payment plan please contact

Visit the Friends of NWS Website for more information about this exciting program: www.nws.edu/Friends

Our membership packages are 365 days in duration. This means even if you join after the season has started, you will still get the same amount of tickets to concerts and events into the following season.

Level Qty Amount Total
After Hours  
Single $225.00 $0.00
For Two People $400.00 $0.00
Single $425.00 $0.00
For Two People $750.00 $0.00
Patron’s Circle  
Single $700.00 $0.00
Two People $1250.00 $0.00
Best Friends  
Single $1350.00 $0.00
Two People $2500.00 $0.00
Corporate Memberships  
Corporate Cool $2500.00 $0.00
A Corporate Affair $4000.00 $0.00
Grand Total: