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Introduced during the 2009-10 season, MusicLab is changing the way students in Miami-Dade County experience music education. Our 26-week residency program brings the expertise of New World Symphony Fellows directly into the classroom, giving students a hands-on experience in the field of music performance, alongside a variety of supportive opportunities for personal enrichment. In providing this service, we believe we are building a better community - one that values the benefits of an arts education as part of the public school curriculum.

Our program currently serves students of five schools in the Miami-Dade public school system, including students who wouldn’t normally have access to private music lessons. The students who are a part of this program have a more fulfilling educational experience, and our Fellows, as mentors, gain the knowledge that will make them community leaders as they go on to win jobs in orchestras and ensembles worldwide. MusicLab not only makes a difference in the lives of its participants today, but is also an investment in their future.

what's the musiclab experience about?

It's about learning…

Through weekly group, sectional and one-on-one free music lessons offered on-site and/or via Internet2.

It’s about exploring…

By connecting music and core subjects such as history and language arts to enhance the learning experience of students

It's about inspiring…

Through prominent NWS guest artists and performers joining Fellows at school events

It’s about families…

Through a night at the symphony: after-school field trips that enable MusicLab students to attend NWS performances with their families at no cost, with transportation included

It’s about the future…

Through events to raise awareness about careers in the music field, scholarships and related opportunities available to high school music students

It’s about celebrating…

At the BRAVO! Finale Concert in May 2011, a free presentation open to the public at NWS' new campus in Miami Beach, that provides a unique opportunity for students to showcase the skills they learned and share their enthusiasm for music-making with their peers, families and the community

Musiclab Schools

Five Miami-Dade County public schools will be at the core of MusicLab during the current 2010-11 academic year:

  • Feinberg-Fisher Elementary School
  • Nautilus Middle School
  • Ruth K. Broad K-8 Center
  • Miami Beach Senior High School
  • Miami Northwestern Senior High School

A Good Investment

MusicLab’s innovative programmatic structure was designed with the goal of achieving benefits that affect us all in three contexts:

As individuals, using the MusicLab experience as a tool to improve overall academic achievement among participating students and to promote community involvement among NWS Fellows

As institutions, spearheading systemic change in the public schools system through the utilization of distance learning technologies to enhance classroom environments and the learning experience as NWS fulfills its commitment to innovation and music education.

As a community, enriching its cultural vitality by introducing nontraditional audiences to classical music and fostering their appreciation of the art form, augmenting NWS' long-term audience development efforts.