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Departmental Contacts

  • email@nws.edu General
  • pr@nws.edu Public Relations
  • admissions@nws.edu Admissions
  • support@nws.edu Development
  • alumni@nws.edu Alumni
  • webmaster@nws.edu Webmaster
  • tickets@nws.edu Box Office
  • tours@nws.edu Tours
  • volunteers@nws.edu Volunteers
  • customerservice@nws.edu Customer Service

NWS Staff Directory

  • Howard Herring

    President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Beth Boleyn

    Executive Assistant and Board Liaison

Musician Advancement

  • Cassidy Fitzpatrick

    Director of Community Engagement

  • Thomas Hadley

    Associate Dean for Admissions, Fellow and Alumni Services

  • Lisa Husseini

    Manager of Visiting Faculty, Fellow and Alumni Services

  • Michael Linville

    Associate Dean and Director of Chamber Music

  • Brian Sayre

    Assistant Orchestra Manager

  • Justin Trieger

    Technical Director for Distance Education and New Media Initiatives

  • Ross Triner

    Assistant to the Dean and Community Engagement Manager

Artistic Programs

  • Douglas Merilatt

    Senior Vice President for Artistic Planning and Programs

  • Alejandro Argerich

    Associate Director of Video Production

  • Jason Barroncini

    Production Technician

  • Quanikqua Bryant

    Production Technician

  • Ana Maria Estévez

    Artist Services Manager

  • William Hunt

    Production Assistant

  • Jonathan Kane


  • Luke Kritzeck

    Director of Lighting

  • Martha Levine

    Director, Music Library

  • David Marin


  • Michael McEvoy

    Production Technician

  • Alan Miller

    Production Technician

  • William Quirk

    Technical Director

  • Bryan Rider


  • Clyde Scott

    Director of Video Production

  • Roberto Toledo

    Director of Audio Services

  • Dean Tomlinson

    Assistant Technical Director

  • Shaun Wright


  • Adam Zeichner

    Assistant Vice President, Program Operations

  • Robyn Zumwalt

    Production Technician


  • Craig Hall

    Vice President for Communications

  • Mario Arguelles

    Floor Manager

  • Siggi Bachmann

    Creative Director

  • Tamika Bickham

    Multimedia Storyteller

  • Jason Bitman

    Director of Web Development

  • Beverley Burstein

    Floor Manager

  • Bruce Cohen

    Box Office Associate

  • Rayna Davis

    Director of Audience Development

  • Marci Falvey

    Web Administrator and Program Editor

  • Jonathan Heller


  • Michael Humphries

    Director of Audience Services

  • Seville Jenkins

    House Manager

  • Kristopher LeCorgne

    Marketing Manager

  • Erika Miras

    Box Office Associate

  • Rebecca Mosloff

    Box Office Associate

  • Yuri Rebello

    Director of Guest Services


  • Paul Woehrle

    Vice President of Development

  • Eduardo Delgado

    Sponsorship & Marketing Fulfillment Manager

  • Julisa Fusté

    Director of Grants

  • Emily Greene

    Director of Research

  • Todd Heustess

    Assistant Vice President of Development, Corporate Partnerships

  • Iva Kosovic

    Director of Corporate Partnerships & Friends of NWS

  • Jack Mizutani

    Director of Special Events

  • María Dolores Ordóñez

    Director of Major Gifts

  • Lona Palmero

    Development Manager

  • Peter Sahwell

    Assistant Vice President for Foundation Relations

  • Veronica Sierra-Soderman

    Development Database Administrator


  • David J. Phillips

    Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

  • Sabrina Anico

    Senior Director of Sales

  • Azael Ceballos

    Facilities Director

  • Paula Cruz

    Staff Accountant

  • Evelyn Davila

    Accounting Assistant /Receptionist

  • Tashana Deavens


  • Marlom Elvin


  • Prevenu Ermilus


  • Ernesto Espinosa

    Residence Maintenance

  • Dorothy Harrell

    Security Supervisor

  • Carlos Inchauslequi


  • George Jones


  • Michelle Kucharczyk

    Vice President of Business Development

  • Jose Lamadrid

    Vice President of Facilities Operations

  • Eddy Lamothe


  • Hyacinth Lilley

    Security Supervisor

  • Lourdes Luis


  • Luis Quintero

    Director of Information Technology

  • Keith Ramsey


  • Lourdes Rivera

    Grants Accountant

  • Andrew Salman

    Support & Application Analyst

  • Jesse Pete Sasser


  • Charlotte Schou

    Business Development Manager

  • Rick Serna

    Facilities Manager

  • Grace Tagliabue

    Staff Accountant

  • Bismark Toval


  • Daisy Karina Villatoro


  • Rafael Villela


  • Lesley-Ann E. Wright

    Accounting Assistant and Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer