NWS Trustees and Staff


Chairman                                          William M. Osborne III
Vice Chairman                                   Adam Carlin
Vice Chairman/Treasurer                   Mario de Armas
Vice Chairman/Secretary                   Dorothy A. Terrell

Board of Trustees

Sheldon T. Anderson
Madeleine Arison
Sarah S. Arison
Ira M. Birns
Katherine C. Bormann
Matthew A. Budd, M.D.
Matthew W. Buttrick
Adam Carlin
Bruce E. Clinton
Mario de Armas
Ann M. Drake
Howard Frank*
John D. Fumagalli
Rose Ellen Greene*
Akiva Gross
Matt Haggman
John J. Haley
Ray Hand
Neisen O. Kasdin*
Gerald Katcher*
Mark Kingdon
William Kleh
Richard L. Kohan
Enrique Lerner
Alan Lieberman
William L. Morrison
Robert Moss
L. Michael Orlove
William M. Osborne III
Stephen L. Owens
Patricia M. Papper
Tracey Robertson Carter
Judith Rodin
Edward Manno Shumsky*
Dorothy A. Terrell
Richard J. Wurtman
Michael J. Zinner, MD

Ex-Officio, non-voting

Howard Herring
Michael Tilson Thomas

Trustees Emeriti

Stanley Cohen
Harry M. Hersh
R. Kirk Landon°
Sheldon Schneider*
Judy Weiser*
Sherwood Weiser*°

*Indicates Former Chairman
°Indicates Deceased

New World Symphony Staff


Howard Herring**
President and Chief Executive Officer

Beth Garcia*
Assistant Vice President and Board Liaison

Ashley Skinner
Senior Vice President for Institutional Culture and Inclusion

Artistic Programs

Martin Sher
Senior Vice President for Artistic Planning and Programs

Ana María Estévez
Artist Services Manager and Assistant to the Artistic Director

William C. Hunt
Manager of Artistic Programs and Special Projects

Elmo Lanclos
Production Technician

Martha Levine***
Director, Music Library

Michael McEvoy
Production Technician

Alan Miller*
Production Technician

Jason Miller
Production Technician

Cory Sprinkles 
Interim Lighting Director

Daniel Thompson
Technical Director

Dean Tomlinson***
Assistant Technical Director

Adam Zeichner***
Vice President, Program Operations


David J. Phillips***
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Massimiliano Colella
Facilities Maintenance Engineer

William Colson
Facilities Maintenance Technician

Paula Cruz*
Accounting Manager and Human Resources Associate

Tashana Deavens

Prevenu Ermilus*

Dorothy Harrell*
Director of Security

George Jones

Michelle Kucharczyk**
Vice President of Business Development

Eddy Lamothe

Hyacinth Lilley*
Facilities Director

Humberto Ortega
Vice President of Finance and Controller

Fabian Presbot
Director of Security and Safety

Luis Quintero*
Vice President of Technology

Yuri Rebello
Director of Business Development

Salvador Reyes
Facilities Maintenance Technician

Lourdes Rivera**
Senior Accountant Revenue

Andrew Salman*
Technology Manager

Cesar Sepulveda
Vice President for Facilities

Rick Serna*
Facilities Director

Grace Tagliabue*
Senior Accountant

Rosa Vila
Accounts Payable Associate

Ginette Vitelis

Institutional Advancement

Maureen M. O’Brien
Executive Vice President for Institutional Advancement

Siggi Bachmann*
Senior Director of Research and Design

Rafael Baldwin 
Director of Digital Storytelling

Christina Bonatakis
Email Marketing Associate

Richard Brown
Director of Guest Services

Bruce Cohen*
Box Office Associate

Eduardo Delgado
Director of Corporate Partnerships

Kathleen Drohan
Vice President of Communications and Public Relations

Kate Eaton
Director of Individual Giving

Marci Falvey*
Senior Director of Communications

Luc Fondaire
Floor Manager

Mariah Forde
PR and Social Media Manager

Arlette Fuentes
House Manager

Julisa Fusté*
Vice President of Development

Lietty Garces
Web Developer

Emily Greene
Director of Research and Campaign Stewardship

Gabriel Guglielmina
Box Office and Audience Services Manager

Michael Humphries*
Senior Director of Audience and Ticket Services

Theresa Jackson
Floor Manager

Omar Lawand
Development Events Manager

Franziska Medina
Floor Manager

Jack Mizutani
Senior Director of Special Events

Joe Monticello

Theo Reyna
Director of Foundation and Government Relations

Veronica Sierra-Soderman*
Development Database Administrator

Kewan Smith
Senior Director of Corporate Partnerships

Lona Strong**
Development Manager

Tatum Travers
Vice President of Marketing & Audience Engagement

Wende Weber
Floor Manager

Paul Woehrle**
Vice President for Capital and Planned Giving

Heydee Zamora
Floor Manager

Musician Advancement

Cassidy Fitzpatrick Carlson
Senior Vice President for Musician Advancement and Dean

Hallie Eichholz
Assistant Orchestra and Visiting Faculty Manager

Thomas Hadley* ◊
Dean of Admissions, Alumni and Fellow Services

Michael Linville** ◊
Dean of Chamber Music and Fellow Development

Elyse Marrero
Director of Community and Equity Impact

Heather Osowiecki
Director of Entrepreneurial Leadership

Alan Valladares
Musician Advancement Manager

NWS Media

John Kieser
Executive Producer of NWS Media

Tamara Benavente
Video Production Specialist

Dean Gay
Chief Video Engineer

Michael Lowney

Michael Matamoros

Adolfo Salgueiro
Assistant Video Engineer

Charlotte Schou
Line Producer 

Clyde Scott*
Director of Video Production/Resident Projection Designer

Roberto Toledo*
Director of Audio Services

Justin Trieger*
Director of New Media and Distance Education

Shaun Wright
Senior Videographer 


* Indicates 10+ years of service to NWS
** Indicates 20+ years of service to NWS
*** Indicates 30+ years of service to NWS
◊ Indicates NWS alumni


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