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Corporate and Small Business Meetings at NWC

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Corporate and Small Business Meetings at NWC

Businesses of all sizes will have a unique and stimulating experience at the New World Center. As an off-site venue, the impact of being fully immersed in this dynamic environment ensures employee engagement and fulfills social responsibilities via supporting the New World Symphony through use of the organization’s home.

Private Meetings

Private Meetings at NWC

Environment is important when meeting to discuss the present state and future direction of a company. For small businesses, it might be a "business casual" gathering over drinks or a seating arrangement allowing all the stakeholders to be in view of one another. For large corporations, a global meeting of the senior leadership, an annual board meeting, or a presentation to the shareholders with live-stream for at-large investors may be in order. Multiple spaces with full audiovisual services are available while the NWC exclusive caterer, Thierry Isambert Catering and Event Design, will handle all food and beverage needs.

Contact the New World Center today to book private meeting rooms.

Public Relations

Public Relations events at NWC

Few offices are equipped to make presentations to large audiences. When a company is looking for an auditorium that can hold members of the press, the business community, and government representatives, the New World Center performance hall is ideal. spaces can be applied to a simple press conference or a "first look" at the newest product or service.

Tell us about your PR event, and we’ll guide you through how the NWC can become your perfect venue.

Employee Improvements

Employee Improvements trainings at NWC

Sometimes, the best training opportunities happen outside of the office. Instead of overfilling a conference room for a slideshow, why not engage employees in a space where they can be seated comfortably, immersed in the material and motivated? If you're designing a team building exercise, use of a performing arts space like the New World Center grants you more flexibility to be creative in an inspiring environment.

How do you want to grow your team? Share your vision with us, and we can show you how to make it a reality at the New World Center.

Special Events

Special Events at NWC

For accomplishments that merit high praise, having the right venue to celebrate great work is important. Honor your guests in a special environment befitting your vision, from an award presentation for performance milestones, to the office holiday party or the executives’ expression of their deep gratitude and appreciation for the employees that are the backbone of their business. The New World Center is a flexible venue with a modern yet majestic ambiance perfect for all such special occasions.

And, as we all know, food can make an event. New World Center is proud to work with Thierry Isambert Catering and Event Design as the exclusive caterer. Thierry’s can provide everything from small bites to full meals. In addition, they offer optional event design and décor. Let Thierry and his team handle your event from florals to filet mignon.

Contact the New World Center today for special event bookings and an introduction to Thierry Isambert Catering and Event Design.

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