New World Center

New World Center: By the Numbers

NWC in the morning


Construction took 3 years and $167 million to complete.

106,000 gross square feet

3 Ultra High Definition (UHD) broadcast suite/control rooms, with 12G tech core and end-to-end 12G UHD infrastructure, featuring up to 14 record channels, as well as 2 channels of 4K UHD playback; 5 UHD video editing workstations and 2 petabytes of video storage

17 miles of fiber optic cable

Performance Hall:

  • 758 seats
  • 12 Ultra High Definition (4K UHD) Hitachi broadcast cameras controlled by a custom Telemetrics robotic system equipped with four control stations, 10 robotic heads and two robotic pedestals
  • 7 Panasonic 4K UHD PTZ cameras with two Panasonic robotic controllers
  • 14 high-definition projectors
  • Custom Pandora’s Box immersive projection system with 8 media servers
  • Almost 1,200 lighting fixtures ranging from LED, conventional and moving lighting
  • Over 200 microphones

Truist Pavilion Multi-Purpose Event Space:

  • 5 4K UHD Panasonic PTZ cameras
  • 1 Panasonic Robotic Camera Controller
  • 1 For.A Switching Panel
  • 1 HD Projector and dropdown screen
  • 6 ATC Monitor Speakers
  • GrandMA 2 Ultra-Light Lighting Console
  • Digico SD9 Audio Console
  • 2 KiPro Ultra UHD Recorders

New World Center's entire facility is outfitted for Internet2. Each space is wired for interactive, online Distance Learning activities with permanent systems that include 4K UHD Panasonic PTZ Cameras, 4K Televisions, Genelec monitor speakers and Windows 10 PCs.



2.5-acre urban space designed by West 8, cost: $13 million (Pennsylvania Parking Garage: $17 million)

Wall size: 7,000-square-feet

3 Christie 35,000 lumen 4K projectors

155 speakers with D-Mitri and constellation systems and CueStation software by Meyer Sound

Over 60,000 watts of audio power

Carnival Corporation & PLC Knight Foundation The Kovner Foundation City of Miami Beach Miami-Dade County Yamaha Artist Services Truist