New World Center

Performance Hall

Highly configurable and multimedia enabled, the performance hall garners international attention for its technical capabilities and acoustic integrity.

A flexible, uniquely shaped space that hosts presentations of all types, including general sessions and summits, concerts, theatrical events, live webcast presentations, broadcast productions, and Grammy-winning album recordings. 

A myriad of distinctive seating and stage variations enable the performance hall at the New World Center to remove the boundaries of traditional presentation formats and minimize the distance between the audience and the stage. The New World Center‘s flat floor, full seat retraction configuration can accommodate up to 1200 with both fixed and floor seating, or 400 seated for dinner on the flat floor with retraction.


The attendee experience is further augmented with four ancillary performance platforms fixed at cardinal points in the hall; five architecturally significant projection sails floating overhead; fourteen 30,000 lumens projectors strategically positioned to create an immersive, near-360 degree panoramic video experience; conventional and moving lights for a custom lighting environment; partially retractable seating;  temporary rigging points, chain motor system and hide-away flat projection screen (39’ x 16’) to round out the abundant production options. These elements can work independently or in-concert to create a unique multisensory environment. 

The stage itself is comprised of 10 electro-mechanical lifts that can be operated independently or as a unit to assume the formation of traditional concert risers, be made flush with the audience floor for up to 2900 square feet of flat event floor (4900 with retracted seating) or other customized configurations.

In the traditional concert format, the performance hall’s maximum seated capacity is 758 in the round.


For an onstage dinner while the stage is in standard configuration, the maximum capacity is 100. A flat-floor with seat retraction offers the potential for guest dining capacities of over 350 depending on the production scope of work. 


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