March 27, 2018

The Philanthropy Workshop hosts session at New World Center

The Philanthropy Workshop at NWC
Courtesy of The Philanthropy Workshop

The Philanthropy Workshop (TPW), a leader in ongoing strategic philanthropy education and networking, hosted their 2018 Global Network Retreat in Miami Beach at the New World Center.

The Philanthropy Workshop at NWC
Courtesy of John Won,

TPW called on Jeff Walker, a former Vice Chairman of JPMorgan Chase and proponent of the “systems thinking” perspective, to contextualize the workshop’s “systems change” theme and apply “systems change” principles to philanthropy.  The session culminated in an afternoon “systems mapping” workshop led by facilitators from, Shalu Umapathy and John Won.

The Philanthropy Workshop at NWC
Courtesy of The Philanthropy Workshop

Other speakers and faculty included:

Howard Herring, CEO, New World Symphony
David Simas, The Obama Foundation
Amanda Nickson, Director, International Fisheries, The Pew Charitable Trusts
Alberto Ibargüen, CEO, Knight Foundation
Javier Alberto Soto, CEO, Miami Foundation
Ellen Agler, CEO, The End Fund
Doug Balfour, Chairman, Geneva Global
Sasha Chanoff, Founder and Executive Director, Refuge Point
Greg Asbed, Founder, Coalition of Immokalee Workers

Learn more about hosting a workshop or retreat at the New World Center here.

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