April 25, 2018

Welcome to WallChats!


What are WallChats???

The WallChats podcast is where the New World Symphony Fellows break through the Wall and into SoundScape Park to find out more about our WALLCAST® concert audience!

We know that our WALLCAST® audience is an incredibly diverse group of people. We know that our audience spans generations, ethnicities and experience with music. We also know that you enjoy classical music and love spending time with friends and family in the park. But what we don't know is your story.

This podcast is our chance. It's an opportunity to find out what makes you love classical music! What brings you to the park? What keeps you coming back?

In our inaugural episode we asked you about your very first classical music experience. Many people remembered their first live concert or the first recordings they listened to. Others discovered classical music through classes or by playing music themselves!

Listen now!

Through WallChats you'll get to hear about these experiences from the voices of your peers in the audience. We hope that in the coming weeks we'll get to learn more about who you are and why classical music matters to you.

Be on the look out for us at future WALLCAST® concerts. We want to know your story, and we'd love to chat with you.

The WallChats Team:  Nick Castellano, Cody Engstrom and Zach Manzi

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