NWS Annual Report



This 30th anniversary Annual Report summarizes the development of the New World Symphony’s mission to train gifted graduates of music schools for leadership in the field of classical music. This is a truncated version of the New World Symphony’s 2017-18 Annual Report. For a PDF of the full version, please click here.


“In a world where artistic standards and opportunities are ever more challenged, the New World Symphony program continues to offer young musicians the chance to fully develop a personal approach to their art. I look forward to a future where outstanding musicians will be recognized as living national treasures. And with this recognition, communities and musicians alike will work together to carry forward the rich testimony our music represents.”

Michael Tilson Thomas

NWS Co-Founder and Artistic Director


NWS Trustees and Staff



Visiting Faculty

Alan Ohkubo
“The diversity and wealth of knowledge that I have obtained from visiting faculty have been essential to meeting the ever-increasing demands I make on my music making. New World Symphony has provided the opportunity to interact with the current leaders in the orchestral field, experts in performance training, and world-class artists. It is difficult to imagine a better environment for growth at this stage of my career.”

Alan Ohkubo

2nd-Year Cello Fellow


 NWS alumni
Faculty who taught both digitally and in-person during 2017-18 season
Number of visits in 2017-18 season denoted after name.

Performance Activities

Artistic Activities

Douglas Merilatt
“Underlying all of the New World Symphony’s concert presentations—in the richly varied forms they have come to take—is an unwavering commitment to artistic excellence. This commitment stems from the unparalleled leadership and deep involvement of MTT himself. It extends through the fruitful relationships NWS has forged with many of today’s most distinguished musical artists.”

Douglas Merilatt

NWS Executive Vice President for Artistic Planning and Programs - Retired August 30, 2018


Over the course of the 35-week academic season, NWS presented some 60 concerts. Here are a few highlights:

Project 305


On October 21 Miamians gathered at the New World Center and in SoundScape Park for the world premiere of Miami in Movements, the crowd-sourced work of music and film that is the culmination of Project 305.

The collaborative project—a partnership between the New World Symphony, MIT Media Lab, Miami-Dade County and the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation—invited all of Miami’s communities and cultures to work alongside composer Ted Hearne and filmmaker Jonathan David Kane.

The premiere of Miami in Movements was preceded by performances by local artists Picadillo, The Barry Bucaneiros and a special gospel choir with vocalists from three local choirs under the direction of Dr. Nelson Hall.


New Work

MTT hosted the annual New Work event on February 3, bringing three world premieres to the New World Center, including selections from his own Glimpse of the Big Picture. Spanning almost his entire life, Glimpse of the Big Picture is what MTT calls a “lifelong collection of remembrances.” New York playwright Christopher Wall created a micro-play that was directed by Kel Haney. The Inherent Sadness of Low-Lying Areas featured actors and five Fellows, who performed both musically and theatrically, in portraying a couple navigating the world of PTSD. Ted Hearne and Jonathan David Kane revealed their revised version of Miami in Movements after the work’s Project 305 debut in October 2017.




Side-by-Side Concert


NWS’s Side-by-Side Concert is an annual tradition of Co-Founder and Artistic Director, Michael Tilson Thomas (MTT), which brings students from South Florida, Brazil and Colombia together at the New World Center.


Education Concert

NWS by the Numbers




Behind-the-Scenes of our WALLCAST® concerts, Presented by Citi:



NWS continues to search for ways to bring diversity to orchestras and ensembles. Besides increasing the diversity of the Fellowship, NWS partnered with The Sphinx Organization and the League of American Orchestras to create the National Alliance for Audition Support (NAAS), a field-wide initiative with the long-term goal of increasing diversity in American orchestras.




NWS marked the start of a new partnership with Carnegie Hall’s NYO2, an intensive orchestral program for outstanding American instrumentalists between ages 14-17 that aims to bring greater diversity to the field of classical music. NYO2 musicians worked closely with over 20 NWS Fellows and alumni, as well as other professional players from top orchestras around the country, in both New York and Miami. Their July 21 performance at the New World Center was led by conductor Carlos Miguel Prieto and featured violinist Gil Shaham.



Each season Fellows participate in The Independent Musician—a series of seminars and workshops designed to equip them with music business, collaboration, innovation and leadership skills taught by experts from the field. These sessions provide Fellows career skills needed to be contributing members of their ensembles, active in their communities and to give them an understanding of what is required if they should want to start their own ventures. From this series, Fellows developed their own projects.

Double Take

On March 2 four first-year Fellows presented Double Take—an interactive concert experience they designed, produced and executed with mentorship from MTT and support from NWS staff. Recognizing that people digest and reflect on music in different ways for different reasons, Chloe Tula (harp), Francisco Joubert Bernard (bassoon), Dominic Brancazio (horn) and Blake-Anthony Johnson (cello) chose music for the concert that inspires them.

Community Projects

The NWS Fellows participated in the first Community Projects as part of the curriculum of their fellowship. Community Projects allowed all Fellows to pursue musical activism based on their personal interests with their own original initiatives, from concept to execution. These special projects guide their continued development, while demonstrating music’s ability to have a positive impact on the community, and benefitting South Florida programs and businesses.

This season’s 21 Community Projects fell into three main categories: audience and community engagement, education, and media, and reached diverse audiences, from at-risk youth and restaurant goers, to the internet and senior citizens.


Business Development


NWS’s Business Development team generates financial support of the NWS Fellowship program while strengthening patron, client and community relationships through third-party use of the New World Center. Here is a sampling of events held at the New World Center.


Network Performing Arts Production Workshop

NWS hosted the 15th Network Performing Arts Production Workshop (NPAPW) at the New World Center in April. This annual, global conference is a single-track workshop in which attendees learn about technologies using advanced networks to enable arts instruction and performance.

One of the highlights of NPAPW 2018 was The Art and the Technology—an open conversation with MTT, violinist Pinchas Zukerman, baritone Thomas Hampson and other artists and administrators on the state of interactive technology and its impact on performance and education.

Network Performing Arts Production Workshop



Community Engagement

Community Engagement is critical to NWS’s overall mission to prepare highly-gifted graduates of music programs for leadership roles as educators, communicators, performers and role models. The programs act as dual learning experiences for the Fellows and members of the community, and provides engaging opportunities to learn about and experience music. In the 2017-18 season, NWS Fellows spent over 5,200 hours interacting with, teaching and coaching over 11,000 students, teachers, families, adults and seniors within the South Florida community and beyond. In addition, Fellows received over 520 hours of community engagement training as part of their fellowship curriculum last season.


Global Reach

The New World Symphony now has over 1,100 alumni making a difference in orchestras, ensembles and educational institutions in 32 countries around the world.


Click here for a list of Fellow and alumni job wins in the 2017-18 season »


Alumni Profile: Brook Ferguson


Veterans Day Special: The President’s Own United States Marine Band


Library Fellowship


Audio Engineering Fellowship



We Thank our Donors


We are pleased to recognize the following donations made between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018.


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Mrs. Jay W. Lotspeich Marilyn° and Al Pollans Mr. Jamar Thomas and Dorothy Stein
Theresa and Richard Lubman Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Posman Ms. Regine Merisier Dr. and Mrs. Norman Stokes
Joy and Fred Malakoff Mr. and Mrs. Hal Prince Dr. Takeko Toyama Mr. Amos Stoll
Martin Z. Margulies Bill and Melissa Quesenberry Ms. Jane Upton Norma Jean Ober and Robert Stone
David and Christina Martin | Terra Delora Shapiro and Victor Raab Mr. William Vallier Mr. Samuel Strauch
Dr. and Mrs. John L. Mason Sr. Claudia Redel Ms. Katherine Wald Ana Suarez
Dr. Gordon Miller and Ms. Vicki Hirsch The Ress Family Foundation, Mrs. Jacqueline Wallace Mrs. Patricia Campbell Sullivan
Michael Mowatt Esta and Lewis Ress Ms. Lori Wardi Mr. and Mrs. Mark Tafeen
Mr. Daniel Nir and Mrs. Jill Braufman David and Letitia D. Richardson Mr. Ronald Webb Ms. Patricia Taxman Craven
Mr. and Mrs. Oppenheim Dr. and Mrs. Paul Richman Mr. Jennifer Weinberg Ms. Nancy Terminello
Dr. and Mrs. Mark E. Oren Stephen Richman Ms. Sally Weintraub Alan Thomas
Swire Properties, Inc. Brooke Roberts-Webb Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. Wiener Ms. Pamela Thomas
Linda and David Paresky Mr. and Mrs. David A. Rocker Robert Wilder Dr. and Mrs. Richard Thurer
Mr. David R. Parker and Virginia L. Rosen Ms. Harriet C. Wolf Mr. Hansel Tookes
Mrs. Marian E. Davis Dr. and Mrs. Robert R. Rosenblum Dr. and Mrs. Jack Wolfsdorf Ms. Jane Torres
Ms. Carolina Piña Mrs. Ruth Rosenwasser Dr. Chris Wunsch Ms. Patricia Tuttle
Kristin Podack Dr. David Rosow COMMUNITY ARTISTRY Ms. Laura Unger
Dorothy and Aaron Podhurst and Mr. Oliver Salza $100 TO $249 Mr. Robert Valdivieso
Podhurst Orseck P.A. Yesica Schaaf Anonymous Ms. Eda Valero-Figueira
Publix Super Markets Charities Sydney and David Schaecter Mr. German Acosta Ms. Florence Valkenberg
RBC Global Asset Management, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Shabel Ms. Leslie Adler Mr. Kenrick Vasquez
Thomas C. Ragan, in memory of Mrs. Ruth Shack Mrs. Maria Agai Ms. Ana Velez
James K. Brehm Everett “Rett” Sheslow Ms. Fazia Ali Ms. Adis Vila
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Richard Persia Shokoohi Mr. Ted Allen Mr. John Voaden
Judith Rodin and Paul Verkuil Anita and David Shpilberg Janinne and Neil Alter Mr. Jorgan von Stiening
Dr. Stephen Roper and Julie and Gary Simon Mr. Jean-Pierre Altier Mr. Roberto Warman
Dr. Nirupa Chaudhari Sandra and Charles Simon Mr. Pedro Alvarez Mr. Robert Warren
Mr. and Mrs. John Rutherfurd Mr. and Mrs. Richard Skor Amazonsmile Foundation Rabbi Bruce Warshal
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sands Marsha Soffer Isabel B. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. David Welton
Donald Sanya, CFA, CAIA Dr. Bertram and Mrs. Audrey Spiwak Dr. and Mrs. Robert Apfel Mr. and Mrs. Haim Wiener
Didi and Oscar S. Schafer Dr. Howard Stark and Mr. Rene Rodriguez Ms. Sara Arbel Dr. and Dr. Joseph Willner
Ms. Judith Schalit Mr. and Ms. Lewis Steinberg Mr. and Mrs. Charles Arrigo Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Winn
Susan and Sheldon Schneider Dolores Stern Ms. Kathleen Balfe Mr. Erin L Wolov
PKS & OIS Mr. Gary Stuart, Esq. Ms. Susan Bannon Mr. Donald Workman
Janet Shein Mr. and Mrs. Leopold Swergold Dr. and Mrs. Earl Barron Ms. Melissa Yanovitch
Lois Siegel Mr. and Mrs. Jaime Sznajder Mr. Stephen Barrow Nina Piken-Yarus and Gary Yarus
Carol and Irv Smokler Dr. Markus Thiel and Mr. Peter Garcia° Mr. and Mrs. Eric S. Benedict Ms. Dilara Yergin
Sara Solomon Ms. Annette Torres Mr. Brian Beraha Mr. Allan Yudacufski
The Sain Orr Royak Deforest Steadman Dr. and Mrs. Michael B. Troner Dr. and Ms. Jack Berne Mr. Larry Zemanek


*Generous donors who have supported the New World Symphony since its founding
° In memory


If we have inadvertently omitted or misspelled your name, please contact Yvette Loynaz at yvette.loynaz@nws.edu or 305.428.6729.




NWS’s 91 volunteers served over 4,100 hours last season! NWS celebrated National Volunteer Month in April, profiling volunteers and sharing via social media and at the Season Finale concert.



NWS hosted its record-breaking 30th Anniversary Gala on February 10. Presented by Gala Chairs Sarah Arison and Thomas Wilhelm, “Passing it On: Thirty Years of Musical Innovation” paid tribute to NWS’s mission to prepare young musicians for careers in the world of classical music. The all-Leonard Bernstein program was led by visionary Co-Founder and Artistic Director Michael Tilson Thomas.


View photos from our 30th Anniversary Gala, Passing It On: Thirty Years of Musical Innovation.

Highlights of NWS Thirtieth Anniversary Gala

Corporate Partnerships

In the 2017-18 season the New World Symphony significantly increased its visibility on and off the beach. NWS’s corporate partners experienced firsthand unparalleled exposure to the greater Miami area. Below are a few of this season’s highlights, showcasing how NWS consistently enriches communities through music, art and culture with these valuable partners.


Friends of New World Symphony

Friends of New World Symphony has engaged Miami’s cultural community for over ten years, inviting young music lovers and philanthropists to make a difference. Through chic social events and carefully curated concert subscriptions, Friends offers its members opportunities to channel their passion for music, while cultivating friendships and professional contacts. The program builds a strong foundation of leaders and ambassadors who champion NWS’s mission through education and community efforts while increasing its pipeline of donors and corporate partners.

In the 2017-18 season Friends hosted more than 15 events and concerts, exposing its members to a broad range of programming both on and off the stage.


2017-18 BOARD

Juan Diego Henao, President
Jessica Wade Pfeffer, Vice President
Joey Brutus, Vice Chair, Corporate Committee
Alberto Calabro, Vice Chair, Events Committee
Maya Ibars, Co-Chair, Global Impact Committee
Whitney Kimmel, Chair, Membership Committee
Carolina Piña, Co-Chair, Global Impact Committee
Austin Rhoads, Chair, Marketing Committee
Estela Romand, Vice Chair, Membership Committee
Oliver Salza, Chair, Corporate Committee
Yesica Schaaf, Vice Chair, Marketing Committee
Jennifer Weinberg, Chair, Events Committee


Click here to see Executive Committee & National Council »


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The New World Symphony is a 501(c)(3) organization (Federal Tax #59-2809056). NWS is registered with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (Registration #CH503). A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the division of consumer services by calling toll-free (800-435-7352) with the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state.

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